Wine Key


Whether you are a hardcore oenophile, or just trying to step up from the Franzia, this compact tool has everything you need to enjoy your favorite bottle.

-2.5" foil cutter, with built in bottle opener.
-3.5" corkscrew.

With over 160 years of history behind their name, Laguiole knives are an enduring testament to the value of old-world craftsmanship. The name Laguiole refers not to a brand or trademark per se, but to a specific set of standards, technique, and tradition of knife making that originated in Laguiole, in the Aubrac region of France. The blades are made of T12 steel, either from XC75 (carbon steel), damascus stainless steel or carbon, known for its durability, rust-resistance and ease of sharpening. It takes over 100 steps for a single blade Laguiole knife to be completed, and each knife is made 100% by hand from start to finish by the same mastercraftsman. Each cutler has his own hand decoration, and their work will bear the stamped

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