Vestoj Issue No. 7 "On Masculinities" Cover

Vestoj Issue No. 7 "On Masculinities" Interior 1 Vestoj Issue No. 7 "On Masculinities" Interior 1


Whether modern masculinity is a construct, and men’s fashion a tool intended to keep the wheels of consumption turning is one of the questions raised in this issue of Vestoj. But it also aims to explore the making of masculinities and the experience of men’s bodies, as well as how people who identify as masculine are portrayed along with how they choose to portray themselves, both in public and in private. It looks at how we express masculinity through appearance, and how changes in fashion have been influenced by a perception of gender constantly in flux. Its asks why blue is for boys, how machismo affects fashion and why it’s so hard to shake the whiff of absurdity that stubbornly clings to male pin-ups.

-288 pages.
-Contributions from Victor Rios, Vince Aletti, Claire Marie Healy, and others.

Published outside the commercial demands of the seasonal fashion cycle, Each issue of Vestoj focuses on a particular theme, such as; masculinity, failure, and, “slowness,” and how each of those ideas are expressed and examined throughout the fashion industry and academia.

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