Vestoj Issue No. 5 "On Slowness" Cover

Vestoj Issue No. 5 "On Slowness" Interior


In Slowness Milan Kundera, the Czech writer, remarks that ‘there is a secret bond between slowness and memory, between speed and forgetting’. In the fashion system this bond seems to take on a particularly poignant meaning, with the degree of velocity often appearing directly proportional to the time it takes to forget a style that just moments ago it seemed we could not live without.

-255 pages.
-Contributions from Dr. Michelle Bastian, Laura Gardner, Maria Fusco, and others.

Published outside the commercial demands of the seasonal fashion cycle, Each issue of Vestoj focuses on a particular theme, such as; masculinity, failure, and, “slowness,” and how each of those particular ideas are expressed and examined throughout the fashion industry and academia.

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