1. Vintage Modern Peridot Tourmaline and Diamond Ring in 18K 1
  2. Vintage Ribbon Band in 14K with Sapphire and Diamond 1
  3. Vintage Emerald Cut Amethyst Ring in 14K 1
  4. Vintage Three Color Rolling Ring in 14K 1
  5. Vintage Victorian Operculum Shell Ring in 14K 1
  6. Vintage Enamel Leopard Ring in 14K 1
  7. Platinum Diamond Twist Ring
  8. Deco Halo Ring in Platinum and Diamond
  9. 14K Georgian Daisy Ring with Diamonds
  10. Vintage Early Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Ring 1
  11. Vintage Georgian Oval Diamond Ring 1
  12. Vintage Diamond and Sapphire Deco Ring in 18K White Gold 1
  13. Vintage Diamond Solitaire Branch Ring 1
  14. Zig Zag Ring in 18K with Diamonds
  15. Vintage Lucky Horse Ring in 14K with Diamonds 1
  16. Victorian Rose Gold and Diamond Snake Ring
  17. Georgian Witch's Heart Ring
  18. Double Diamond Band in 18k
  19. Georgian Rosecut Diamond Cluster Ring
  20. Modern Diamond Overlap Ring in 9k
  21. 14K Diamond Signet Ring
  22. Vintage Bloomed Gold Buckle Ring 1
  23. Vintage Wide Heart Band in 14K with Diamonds 1
  24. 18K Rounded Diamond Eternity Band
  25. Ruby and Diamond Puzzle Ring in 18k
  26. Art Nouveau Heart Ring with Opal
  27. 9K Victorian Bug Ring with Opal and Diamonds
  28. Fide et Amore Signet Ring

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